Give your inner people pleaser a loving kick in the butt and get the courage to show up in your relationships as the beautiful mess you are!  

Do you know what it feels like to:

Always overthink & over analyze every damn little thought?

Let the fear of confrontation and rejection get the best of you?

Always smile, say yes and go along with other peoples ideas?

Be sick and tired of always putting others needs & wants before your own?

Get frustrated with yourself because you  can't say no?

Be scared to show more of who you are, because what if people won't like you

Guess what?

By doing all of the above we are actually getting the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it is that we want!

Not being able to just express yourself freely with the people you love can be a lonely and painful way of being in the world. And it is exhausting to always put on that easy-going, likable, positive person who always just say yes and goes along.

This is not your fault! I'll say it again, it's not your fault!


Most of us has been brought up in with the cultural belief that for us to achieve closeness with others and create connection, we have to give up on ourselves, or at least parts of ourselves.


Many of us has actually learned from a very young age that we must abandon or hide away our own thoughts, interest, feelings, needs, wants, desires and best interest to belong and be loved.


There is actually another way of living..



- Once said by someone really wise

A life where...

You just say what's on your mind without overthinking and over analyzing every thought  - because you know that what you think, need and feel is important enough to share, and you know exactly how to express yourself despite the fear of loosing connection and  what the other person might think of you.

A life where...

Where you have the courage and the confidence  to show up in your relationships as the beautiful mess that you are, and where you feel free to be you and fearlessly share your thoughts, needs, wants and preferences with the people you love , in a way that creates deep meaningful connections.

A life where...

You  are a badass in setting healthy boundaries in your relationships to people you love and care about!

Where  you say no when you mean no, and yes when it feels right - and you do it in a way that actually improves the quality of your relationships instead of breaking them.

Apply today for a 


"Courage breakthrough call"

So you can learn exactly what you need to get the confidence  to show up in your relationships and in the world as the beautiful mess you are, and the courage to just say exactly what's on your mind in a way that creates deep loving connections 



With Marie Noel I found a place where I can be totally honest without being judged.

Everything that I share is received with openness and understanding, which gives me the courage to open up even more.


The biggest change is that I 've gotten the courage to have the difficult conversations with the people I love.

I've learned how to be honest about how I feel, even if I am not feeling good.


I've learned so much about myself!

I've learned that the way I think is very much affecting how I feel and i've learned how to change those thoughts that was holding me back.

How can anyone love you for who you truly are if you don't let anyone get to know the real you?

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"What we want is to experience true deep connections, to belong and be loved as who we are"