The Free"courage breakthrough call"

So you can learn exactly what you need to get the confidence  to show up in your relationships and in the world as the beautiful mess you are, and the courage to just say exactly what's on your mind in a way that creates deep loving connections 

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One call

About courage! About YOU!

- and how the fear of confrontations, a change of atmosphere and losing connection affects Your life and how you are in your relationships.

Also more importantly how to overcome the fear and act despite it!

One call

About how it affects YOU and how YOU feel

- not being able to just express yourself freely with the people you love without overthinking and over analyzing everything, trying to figure out if this will upset the other person and how they will react.

One call

About how it is always putting on a smile and pretend

- how exhausting it can be to always be that easy-going, positive, saying yes person who just goes along other with other people ideas, because you believe this is what you have to do to be liked, loved and have good relationships. 

One call

For you who are ready to give fear a loving kick in the but

- for you who are ready to no longer hide away, suppress, filter and shrink who you are and what you feel and need.

For you who are ready to just be you! Even if you are scared of how people will react when you start speaking up.

If you are anything like me...

I know..

You might think:

"What! Why is this FREE!?"

What's the catch here Marie Noel? Why do you do this?

And to that I can say - "It's actually very simple!"

  • way to well the pain of not having the courage and confidence to just express yourself freely with the people you love, because the fear of confrontations and losing connection is so overwhelming.

  • I know how it feels to be scared of being rejected and of not having your needs met, because you are so scared to say them out loud in fear the other person might not want to met them or see you as being too much. 

  • I know how it is to always put on a happy face and pretend everything is all good, for the sake of keeping others happy. This was me for more than 20 years! Until I got sick and tired of being in my own selfmade people pleaser prison. 

Today I know..

  • exactly what to do, to act despite this fear of confrontation and of not being liked and loved

  • I know how to communicate my thoughts, needs and how I feel in a way that create honest loving relationships instead of losing them

  • That's why I do these calls and why I do what I do.

In this call I get to pass on what I know can make a massive change in your life and I get to find out exactly what your challenges are so I can guide you in the best possible way.  

If I believe that I can help, you will get to see if you feel i'm the right one to help you on that journey. 

I love talking to woman who is ready to take responsibility for their own life and how they feel, because we are the only ones who can. 

If this is you, I would love nothin more than to talk to you.

Marie Noel Jepsen

Mastercoach & founder of Wide Awake Life Academy

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